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Cream Eyeshadows

Makeup Tip of the Day - Cream Eyeshadows: Hello ladies and some gents lol...I wanted to talk about cream eyeshadows quickly. Non-professionally, alot of women either aren't familiar with them or don't use cream shadows enough I believe because they're intimidating or not sure how to use them. I love cream eyeshadows because they are very versatile. I love multi-use products. You can use them as an eye primer, base, or as a regular shadow. Plus you get more bang for your buck. Basically more pigmentation. Usage #1 - As a base: If your eyeshadow collection is not too high quality and you have trouble with getting that color on, try using a cream eyeshadow as a base. It can be the same color or with a slightly different hue to change the final color Usage #2 - As a primer: If you're not familiar with what an eye primer is, its basically a product that prepares the eye for eyeshadow. This makes the eyeshadow apply easier, last longers and prevents creasing. When using as a base it acts like a primer. So no need for both. Cream shadows tend to dry quicker than an actual "primer" so work quickly. Usage #3: As an eyeshadow: I love using cream shadows on my mature clients (I minimize powder products) or any client for a Summer or HD makeup look. Cream shadows used simply as a shadow is great because you get true pigmentation and it's fast an easy. Especially in the morning when we have little time before work right? :) All usages can be applied in the same way. Either with a clean finger tip or concealer brush. I say concealer brush because of the dense synethics hairs. These hairs won't absorb the product and pack on the shadow perfectly. In any case just blend out the edges with a fluffy brush to remove any harsh lines. Favorite cream eyeshadows: Maybelline - Color Tattoos $8: Really great for the price. Dry quickly though Make Up For Ever - Aqua Creams $24: Gorgeous eyeshadows. Worth every dollar. Plus waterproof. Nyx - Jumbo Eye Pencil $5.50: These are a staple in many professional kits. "Milk" is my holy grail. Laura Mercier - Cavier Stick Eye Colour $28: Anything Laura Mercier I love. Go on smooth, but be careful. Alot can be applied easily. MAC - Pro Longwear Paint Pots $21: The holy grail of bases. Check out "Painterly" and "Soft Ochre" So there you go. I hope this helped. And as always if you should have any questions, please feel free to message me :)

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