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Visine for Eyeshadow Application

Makeup tip of the day - Visine for eyeshadow application: Yes ladies you read that correctly lol. Visine is not only good for clearing up those eyes after a heavy night of drinking, but also for intensifying you eyeshadow pigment. Ever notice in movies the ground is always wet? Well it's to create that nice dark reflective surface. Way better than a dull paved street right? Well the same with eye makeup. Applying your eyeshadows wet (especially loose pigment) will not only intensify the color, but will make it apply easier and last longer. You can use water which is unsanitary for my clients or contact fluid. Then there's the professional product to use MAC Fix+ for $21 but my makeup secret is....Visine for $5! The reason why Visine is my preference is because 1) it's sanitary and 2) the glycerin in the Visine adheres the shadow better than water. Ok here's how I do it :) For loose pigment shadows I'll add 1-2 drops to the loose pigment in a separate dish - mix it around and then apply by PATTING. Never swipe. Start with a small amount then build it up. For pressed shadows I'll add 1-2 drops to my shadow brush and gently wipe of any excess on a clean towel and then swipe gently in my eyeshadow. NOT all pressed eyeshadows can be used wet because of the ingredient Talc which is in most lower end eyeshadow brands - the same ingredient in baby powder. This will clump up your eyeshadow. Look for shadows advertised to be used wet. These use crushed mother of pearl instead of talc. I hope this helps and you try it. As always any questions please feel free to message me :) Xo Adam

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