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Makeup Dupe Of The Day - MAC Mineralized Skinfinish (MSF) Stereo Rose vs Milani Luminoso:

Hey ladies! I know you all love a good dupe. So here we go. First off, MAC's Mineralized collections are absolutely gorgeous. Not putting them down whatsoever. Love them! You can use them as a blush or beautiful highlight. But makeup is expensive, and we all like a good deal right ladies? So if you're like me, we can be MAC girls a little too much lol. Yes, alot of their products are great but alot are just ok.

Milani Baked Blush (Luminoso) - $6.50 (L)

MAC Mineralize blush (stereo rose) - $29 (R)

MAC's stereo rose is a coral with subtle pink tones and a champagne-gold shimmer. Same as Luminoso. Both are BAKED blushes meaning it was produced in a liquid state and then "baked". I love anything baked due to the pigmentation and creamyness, making them easy to apply. Even without the whole dupe thing, every girl needs to have Luminoso in their kit. It is just so so gorgeous! Great for most skintones other than deep warm complexions. So there you go. You have a great dupe and now know what "baked" blushes and shadows mean. Try it out. As always, any questions feel free to message me :)

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