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False Eyelashes

Ladies...between alot of you messaging me and in general how intimidating false eyelashes can be, I thought I'd share some of my tips on this subject. As you can probably imagine, I've done my fair share of false eyelash applications in my day - I promise you its not that hard at all. Just practice :) So, here we go... 1.) Selection - Select an eyelash that realistically fits your eye, eyelash needs, and look you are going for. If you have long but not full lashes then settle for just a full eyelash. If you're going out with your girls and have a night look go for more of a dramatic eyelash. So on and so forth. The better the selection the more "real" they'll look and fit your makeup look. I really love Ardell 110's for an overall look. They add both length and fullness. Really gorgeous. 2.) Removing from Case - With your fingertips, try removing them straight off the case. Try not to peel them off from one side. Doing so will lose the eyelashes shape. In either case re-bend them so they are easier to apply and fit your eye. 3.) Fitting - This is something not alot of ladies know how to do. Most eyelashes will be to long (wide) in length to fit your eye. Dry fit them on your eye and trim them to fit appropriately. If the eyelash is not tapered, cut either side. If they are a tapered eyelash cut the OUTER OR LONGER end. Very important. Trimming the inner will make the inner lash too long and will bother you when blinking.


4.) Real Eyelash Prep - Apply your favorite mascara and liner. I personally dont like curling my clients lashes when using falsies unless absolutely needed. Reason being is because if the lash is too curled, it can curl up the false eyelash - transferring mascara on your upper lid when blinking throughout the night. 5.) Adhesive - Apply a small amount of adhesive (about the width of the band) on the lash band. Make sure the corners are covered with adhesive but not too much. Wait 30-40 seconds before applying. You want the adhesive somewhat tacky so they don't slide from the lid when applying.


6.) Applying - Using tweezers and while looking down into a mirror (don't close your eye) apply the lash closest to your real lash line as possible. I like going in with the band angled down so I can pivot off of that when they're fully on. When you got it on, adjust it slightly to when it looks right. You'll have about 20 more seconds to adjust them. Don't panic lol. If you're still having trouble cut them in half and apply each one individually. Will still look the same. 7.) Touch up - Wait a few minutes and go back over with your liner to cover the eyelash band and and touch up your eyeliner. Also use a mascara wand and run it through your lashes. This will blend both together nicely. That's your ready for the red carpet! Remember practice practice practice. My favorite eyelashes are Ardell, Red Cherry, Velour, and Liberty Republic. My favorite adhesives are clear or black Duo (latex free are available) and Vincent Longo. As always if you should have any questions feel free to message me :) XO Adam

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