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The Perfect Red Lip

Ladies. Who doesn't love a red lip right?! It's timeless, eye catching and most of all really sexy. But surprisingly, alot of women are afraid of it for so many reasons.

What's the right color? Will it look good on me? How do I make it look perfect like those magazine models? Well have no more fears ladies...Adam is here :)

First, you need to keep in mind of your skin tone color (fair, medium or dark) and skin undertone. Cool, Warm, or Neutral. I'll go into undertones in more detail in a future blog post. Women with cool undertones should go with red lip colors with blue-ish undertones and women with warm undertones should look for lip colors with purple undertones. You neutral beauties can go with either. let's get to the fun part!!

First (well maybe this is second lol) begin by exfoliating your lips. I like to use a organic sugar and olive oil mix, or you can use a clean toothbrush if you don't have any of sugar rub ingredients around. Exfoliating will help your lip color last and look that much better.

Second, being lining your lips with a lip pencil. This will help from your lipstick from feathering (running outside your lips). Then with the side of the pencil fill in your your lip I love MAC Cremestick liners or NYX lip pencils for a more affordable option.

Third, WITH a lip brush fill in your lip going over the lip liner. Using a lip brush with give you a better looking lip and will last longer because the brush can get into those tiny crevices we all have.

Fourth, firmly blot your lips onto a tissue. We are not doing this to remove excess, but to press the lipstick within those crevices again. After that repeat step 3.

Fifith, ok ladies this is the step that really makes the difference! Run a full coverage creamy concealer (make sure its not thick or it'll crease) around your lips. Take your time and really fineline the perimeter of your lip. Getting all those slight imperfections.

And last (optional) for more of that extra sexy kisssable lip, apply an elixer or high shime lip gloss on top of everything. I looove Signature Scarlet from Maybelline.

So there you have it ladies...the perfect red lip :) Send your pictures to my Instragram or Facebook. I'd love to see how you did! Good luck!



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